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Monday, 10. May 2010

Jamie Lidell

09.05.2010 @Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin


Isn't it good that there are some things in this world you can always rely on? Like your mum's roast pork or the fact that the next James Cameron film will be the most expensive one ever made. Going to a Jamie Lidell concert is something like it. Whatever it is that will happen there, it will be something amazing.

His new album COMPASS is funky, sexy and damn hot and a pretty successful fusion of what he has done so far.
From uplifting soul songs like on JIM and tough funk-beats like on MULTIPLY, it somehow seems to me that he has found his sound, COMPASS is an awesome grown-up record.

When he entered the stage and after playing two chords, the scales fell from my eyes: he is the lost child of Sheila E. and Prince. There is no doubt about it. He is an onstage-tornado rotating between drums, microphone, guitar and his electronic gadgets, I don't know how he survives an entire tour. I was sweating like a pig from simply standing and watching the show, he was all smiles like there's nothing more relaxing than whirling across the stage. He's a maniac...


With his three piece band he performed a lot of new material including THE RING, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, SHE NEEDS ME and of course the title track COMPASS. As usual the crowd went crazy when he played MULTIPLY and ANOTHER DAY, I personally loved the Beatbox version of A LITTLE BIT OF FEEL GOOD and the "if MacGyver had a Laptop and a mic"-version of YOU GOT ME UP.

So, all that's left to say is: if Jamie Lidell is coming to your hometown, buy a ticket and go. If he's not coming to your hometown, travel to another city, another country or another continent and buy a ticket in advance. Your reward shall be a long life full of happiness and satisfaction. And funk.


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Tuesday, 20. April 2010

Keep The Faith - Daylight Music

17.04.10 @Union Chapel, London

Daylight Music is a regular event presented by ARCTIC CIRCLE and the UNION CHAPEL, where you can listen to ridiculous talented artists for free, in this ridiculous beautiful Victorian church. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yes, it does. And you can have it every saturday from midday to 2pm at the Union Chapel in Islington.

Check out the upcoming events here:


Listening to the first act CORTINA DELUXX almost brought me to tears. And I mean it. JoJo Thomas' brilliant and clear voice, her piano playing, Danny Norbury and Jon Thorne on Cello and Double Bass, was... wow. Without any exaggeration this performance was stunning, mind-blowing and overwhelming at the same time. I didn't even dare to breathe and I'm pretty sure the audience felt the same. There was not a single noise and I could actually see some real tears. Her last song was a version of the rather cheesy "Till there was you", but she turned it into something completely different.

Buy their EP CORTINA DELUXX on Humble Soul, listen and enjoy.



The second act was the Manchester based JO ROSE. I'd say he takes you on a "folk-with-a-touch-of-anti" journey from Tennessee via California to Manchester. And listening to someone who's obviously made for what he's doing, gave me a wonderful fuzzy feeling. I absolutely loved his powerful and throaty but sort of fragile voice that perfectly merged with his guitar and piano playing. He reminded me a bit of Townes Van Zandt without depression and drugs.

JO ROSE is unsigned and hasn't released anything yet. That's a real shame and I hope it'll change very soon. But thanks to the world wide web, you find him and his music on myspace, facebook, twitter and his blog.





The third act playing was THE MISERABLE RICH. Their new album OF FLIGHT AND FURY is already released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be released in the UK on 31st of may. They're touring Europe at the moment, so seize this opportunity and see them live. Otherwise you will miss a) this enchanting and wonderful music called chamber pop, b) truly funny and well written lyrics, c) five absolutely likable "anti-postar" guys and d) some sort curious glockenspiel instrument, I have never seen before.

20.04. Hamburg, 21.04. Berlin, 22.04. Dresden, 23.04. Halle/Saale, 24.04. Hannover, 25.04. Köln, 27.04. Würzburg, 28.04. Nürnberg, 29.04. München, 30.04. Salzburg, 01.05. Steyr, 02.05. Wien, 03.05. Graz, 05.05. Vevey, 06.05. Zürich, 07.05. Stuttgart, 08.05. Frankfurt, 09.05. Schaffhausen, 12.05. Paris

Check out the exact venues and the music on myspace:

Buy the new album on iTunes:

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Thursday, 15. April 2010

James Yuill

14.04.10 @Camp, London

There are two things I really love about James Yuill.
His behaviour onstage and his music.
Both was unfortunately missing.

He played a lot of songs from his upcoming album "Movement In A Storm", which is released on the 21st of June. But somehow he seemed to be a bit lost an not really confident.

I still think that "Turning Down Water For Air" is an amazing record and absolutely loved it. Between all these folktronic acts swirling around, I always liked James Yuill, Tunng and Bibio the most. Their way of combining the folky singer/songwriter tradition with electronic elements stood out the most for me.

His new album apparently is much more electronic from what I've heard at his gig, but I'm not sure, if it's the best way to go. I fear that this could be a blind alley. The new tunes don't merge with the old songs and you could feel the break when he was playing "No Pins Allowed" and "Sweet Love" in between. I've seen him live twice and every time he played, the audience was thrilled and finally went crazy when he did one of his "electronical improvisations" to finish the gig. But doing both was a bit like being pushed around.

His style is at the crossroads between being a great live act or playing just DJ-sets with vocals.
I absolutely prefer seeing him as a live act.

The other thing I missed was his certain way to interact with the audience. You always had the impression he's kind of overwhelmed that people came to see him live and like his music. Though he was grateful and polite that night, I wasn't really touched.

But don't get me wrong: I'm looking forward listen to the new album and see him live again.
I hope this gig was just a simple misunderstanding...



Until then something old and completely acoustic:

HibOO d'Live #039 : James Yuill "How could I lose" from Le-HibOO.com on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 8. April 2010

Hard to find, but worth looking for.

Gabby Young, Dry The River and Vieux Farke Touré @Dingwalls Camden, London

The Dingwalls is a small and cosy venue in Camden where bands like The Sex Pistols, Blondie and The Ramones performed back in the 70s. Just for a couple of hundred people, it was the perfect club for this evening.
A little story in passing, because it's just too funny: I have never been to Dingwalls and didn't know exactly where it was, so we were searching and finally found a club. So we asked the doorman "Is this the Dingwalls?" and he was like "No". So we thought maybe he knew where to find it, but he had no clue. The guy sitting in the box office somehow picked up our conversation and interfered: "Wait a sec, what are you talking about, this is the Dingwalls!" I'd say it's a bit dodgy if not even the staff knows the name of the venue, but that's no concern of mine...

So let's talk about the music.

The first act was GABBY YOUNG. Usually an eight piece band, she performed with only two of the "other animals", but it made no odds. Accompanied by double bass and trombone she performed songs from the recently released debut album "We're all in this together". I was intrigued by her voice and how this little person manages to merge swing, folk, pop and jazz. The audience kept absolutely quite which is something pretty unusual for gigs in London. Excuse my French, but I bet my arse that we'll hear a lot of Gabby Young And The Other Animals in the near future. This is something you can't ignore neither with you ears nor with you eyes.


The second act was the five piece band DRY THE RIVER. Wow! This was like the Fleet Foxes are having lunch with Midlake and Paul Simon is the waiter. Singer Peter has a very lyrical voice and I loved the parts where bass player Scott played the Glockenspiel. You should watch the Black Cab Session with them, ace! (if you don't know the BLACK CAB SESSIONS check it out anyway, great idea!)


Dry The River 2 from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

So, third and main act was Vieux Farka Touré a Malian guitarist and singer. He's the son of Malian guitar legend Ali Farka Touré, known as the African John Lee Hooker. Vieux also combines traditional African sounds and singing with blues and rock and is definitely as talented as his father, but he found his own style. He "absorbs" more elements, his musical range covers the power of rock, the certain sadness of blues and the intoxicating feeling of African rhythms in perfect harmony.


To sum up, it was an inspiring night with an extraordinary selection of musicians and styles. Completely different, but anyhow a tremendous package.
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Wednesday, 3. March 2010


22.02.09 @St.Giles in the fields church, London



Here comes a real question of faith. What do think of a girls' choir dressed like evil neo amazons performing her first single "I hear flies" in a church in London? To be honest, I don't care what you think, all I know is, this is wicked shit!
I've just heard their songs so far and seen a few youtube videos, but when they walked down the aisle and started to perform, it was mind-blowing. The unique church sound combined with 20 girls singing, clapping and stomping about cigarettes, guitars and lying boyfriends...more of this, please!

These girls are daft, musical and creative. And I'm pretty sure that you'll hear a lot more of them in the future. Their music is just too remarkable not to be recognized as well as their live shows.

So buy the debut single "I hear flies" and if you're in London on friday the 5th march, go to Pure Groove Records and check them out live! By the way the gig's for free, so no excuses!



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Wednesday, 20. January 2010

Codes In The Clouds / Stafrænn Hákon

20.01.10 @Barden's Budoir

I don't know how they do it, but the label "Erased Tapes" has got a keen sense of signing extraordinary artists. Codes In The Clouds represent with their post-shoegazing-drone-alternative-rock music the kind of cinematic musical style, that makes you think you're in a roller coaster. They do not only play a song, it feels like they create an atmosphere. Little by little this atmosphere intensifies until it explodes and knocks you off your feet.


Olafur Josephsson is the musical head of Stafrænn Hákon. The soundworld of the Icelandic musician is somewhere between Lo-Fi and ambient guitar rock. It was interesting to watch how he uses something like a pipe wrench to play his guitar, it almost reminded me of the German Krautrock band "Faust", but in a more dignified way (they used to play music with a concrete mixer, for instance). This state of trance music was only "interrupted" by the really beautiful voices of the bass player and one of the other guitar players (no names were available...)


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Wednesday, 11. November 2009

Mayer Hawthorne

29.10.09 @Queen Of Hoxton, London

Writing this review I'm still getting teary-eyed. This was no gig, this was a soul soft porn. There was love in the air, sweat running down the walls and tears on the dancefloor.
Andrew Cohen aka Mayer Hawthorne looks like Buddy Holly and sounds like Smokey Robinson AND The Miracles.
And I have to admit with lyrics like "I may not be a rich attorney, but i'll win back girl's heart in the trial of love" he had not only turned my legs to jelly.
It was like a one hour slingshot to the 60s: the style, the music, the gestures.
But the funniest thing was, he didn't take himself seriously, and that's what made the show authentic.
For instance playing a reggae version of "Just ain't gonna work out":

I guess we will hear a lot more from Andrew Cohen.
And I'm looking forward to his next "character".
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Sunday, 1. November 2009

Isis: 31.10 @Grünspan/Hamburg

Still can´t believe, getting to the real Drone-Concert of L.A. Proud ISIS at about 9 pm and just catching the last 3 Songs... How bad was it, please?!?!
O.K. the entry was at 7, but ... I expected wired Rock-Freaks, smoking crack and heroine on stage, rockin´ like hell, starting late untill 3 in the morning.... What I saw was entertainment at its finest. Crystal clear sounds, sylish stageshow and very... intellectual audience...listening, dreamring, eyes closed and body swaying slowly!
Technical perfect music, remebering me of TooL, but...
Thats not what I need...live... not enough...
No Rock´n Roll Bangbang!!!!
Sorry, but I will wait for the next Studio-Album!
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Wednesday, 28. October 2009


22.10.09 @Royal Albert Hall, London

Hush is a series of events hosted by the Royal Albert Hall, to give independent records labels or unsigned artists a platform. This first gig of the new "hush" series, was supported by Music Week's UNEARTHED. And they made a good choice, you should watch out for the following three artists in 2010.

Jose Vanders
This 19 year old girl is sweet as sugar and so is her music. Lovely and light piano tunes with a surprisingly strong voice. Where she takes her mature and imaginative lyrics from, will probably remain her secret. Hopefully she will keep her fervour as it was beautiful to behold.


Jonathan Jeremiah
Get in you Hippie van, drive down an endless desert highway whilst the sun sets down and you'll know what his music feels like. Or least try to imagine all that sunset-driving-stuff. It smells like summer, it sounds like freedom, it looks like Woodstock. I like!


Alan Pownall
I used to listen to his myspace stuff before I went to the gig. Versatile folk, very nice, but I presume he will be doomed to be known as the British Jack Johnson. Hopefully not, because I'm not sure what he was thinking, when he went on stage to perform. I can't remember the last time I was just breathless and paralyzed by a performance (probably Art Brut, but because of other reasons). It was only him playing the guitar and it was stunning. Absolutely stunning. And one thing is sure: don't try to compare him with anybody.


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Portugal The Man

27.10.09 @Hoxton Bar&Kitchen, London

It has to be a natural advantage when you form a band in Alaska. It looks like there is nothing more to do than practicing and writing unbelievable good songs. And watch them perform was definitely the positive proof. I expected them to be good, but I didn't expect them to be THAT good. First of all they played none of their songs like it's on the record. Sometimes it took me minutes to find out, which one it was. It was more like being in their rehearsal room, watching them playing a jam session. Secondly every single band member is just ridiculous talented. You could feel and hear that it's more than just play an instrument. They made love, hell ya. And thirdly there are no words to describe their style. From rock to folk to blues to soul to punk, one thing unified every song: the groove. And this is the difference between love and sex. The right groove.


Portugal The Man Live from Chicago from Portugal The Man on Vimeo.

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